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Lux conversion


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Apr 16, 2006
Pensacola, FL
I just found out about the lux conversion, I've been looking it up, but can anyone tell me the difference between the lux and non lux amplifier? wrms? I'd like to know exactly what I would be upgrading to. Also I have heard a little about a noise pick up mic for noise cancellation. Can anyone tell me what is involved with that? I fly with a Bose ANR set and if my avy can do anywhere near what it does, sign me up!

Thanks guys.

It's like a analog amp versus a digital amp, a cassette versus a CD. You would not believe the difference even with the same speakers.

You will need a lux amp and a lux HU some rewiring of the console wiring harness

Check in the Tech center here is a Link
The LUX amp is a programmable device, where the premium system amp is just plain dumb; as well, the premium amp distorts the normally clean input audio from the head unit.

The LUX HU's are a fixed-level output to the Lux amp. The volume control in the Lux HU sends level settings by data to the lux amp. In the premium system, the line output from the head unit is varied by the volume control.

The chimes in the lux system are generated within the amp; the chimes in the premium (and basic) systems are generated within the head unit.

It isn't a change for some power level to rattle hospital windows a mile away, instead it's far cleaner with a moderate power increase over the premium system. Even with the same speakers, the difference is quite substantial.
Wow, that's comprehensive, thank you. Are there any sponsors that sell the conversion as a kit for simplicity?
JP Customs did something similar for a while but it became a support nightmare and it was discontinued.

As well, no one yet has made up adapter cabling to make it easier. Even though it wouldn't be very hard.
Since it's becoming a bit more popular, someone interested with some electrical and business skills may just pick up on the opportunity.

I wouldn't advise tackling this unless you have an understanding of automotive wiring and have reviewed the (many) posts here and understand the system differences. Or good local help at least. :)
I've been doing car stereos for a long time so the knowledge base is there, what isn't there is the familiarization with this new fangled Bose system, lol. Rewiring connectors I can do. Does this new amp and new HU have different plugs or am I basically jumpering or rewiring my existing fitting?
Just wiring you current harness, yes they have the same type connectors