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Marriage Made In Heaven


SM 2005
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Mar 14, 2003
Portland, OR
We love our AV so much that the little lady wanted one of her own... HOW could I say NO.

Welcome to the club and I see you are from Portland, OR I am from La Grande Congrats on the new AV I like white on the AV (even though I really want to trade my 02 of an 03 yellow) anyways what options did you get on the White AV? Well I hope to see you on a cruise one of these days or driving around Portland I will be there this weekend. do you have Amber DRL's? if you do I will keep my eye peeled for Ambers driving around. (y)
you can see on the blue 1500 that I've added 18" rims and Eagle Gts, AV stickers and pin striping, It sports a Carriage works billet grill and amber drls. It's a start.... Just took possession of the white one yesterday. It hasn't quit raining long enough to even walk around and plan the all mods. THINK ABOUT IT DOUBLE THE MODS>>>> DOUBLE THE FUN!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! Anyway... settle down Dan....breathe...

THe options I got on the white one were 10,000 big ones off msrp!!!

Guys and gals... if you watch, plan and be patient the deals will show themselves....
I have the pin striping also and the ambers too well congrats on the new AV and I hope you have funn modding see ya on a future cruise
thanks , look forward of joining up with the Oregon group... Should be a sweet AV summer
My god another 2 av family... you know we even have a thread for that in the Zone. Maybe after I get mine the missus may want one as well.
Congrats to your wife on getting her own AV!!! (y)
Hey! I see you bought from Russ, too (that's where I got mine). You're probably not too far from me, then. I live along the Tigard/Beaverton line.

Welcome and congratulations!

Your trucks are awesome!! My wife is scared to drive the AV its to big for her, but I can wish I had a second. Congrats, welcome to the club!


I have to admit it's been a bit of a challenge... wanted to go to home depot for lumber... "NO! ?Take your own"

"Dear you only have 38 mile on yours... I have 38000... won't you share?" NO!!!!!!!!! ? I don't want a lot of miles put on mine!"

However, I did get to drive it to the bank to deposit my paycheck.... Hmmmm, Anyone see a pattern here?

Actually she did let me take it to the Blazer game last night... All is forgiven.

The C pillar AV logo and pin stipes are next.

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dday said:

? Your trucks are awesome!! ?My wife is scared to drive the AV its to big for her, but I can wish I had a second. ?Congrats, welcome to the club!


Same here, I got the wife a 4 door tracker and now she is happy!

2 Avalanches and only 10 posts? You have to do better than that ;D
OK dont stop with all that - dont forget double the money and double the posts ;) :D ;D Hey you could qualify for a group buy all by yourself ;)
Hey, I'm the newby around here... I haven't had a chance to do many posts. I'll have to be around for YEARS to catch some of you guys! Besides I have to work two jobs to pay for the double mods ;D.....

Actually have been adding rooms to our daughters house. So I get home late. That's why the late replies... Speaking of daughter ... they're having twins. Ahha... the DOUBLE plot thickens!

Look forward to meeting you also. (The ambers are the giveway). Hope to be involved in some of the rallys. Bound to bump into some of you. NO pun intended.

That's funny to hear about your wife getting another avalanche, cause my fiance wants to buy a blue caddy ext.... not quite a pair but close enough.

I think she should get another veichle because there is no need having two trucks that perform the same jobs.

Fiance??? That was quick!!! You only started dating her again a few months ago.....