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Me And My New '03 AV Would Like To Thank You


Full Member
Jul 3, 2002
I know this thread is starting to become the norm.....but after a hellishly long wait I finally picked up my new '03 black Z71 AV. I would espically like to thank Chief (of course), Goo, Steelheadchaser, Subermobile, and Audiat and all the other members for your answers, photos and support. :love: Your right....well worth the wait. Man this thing is a beast! It sits all angry like in my garage. I took a photo but it truly doesn't do it jusitce. That darker molding on the black is sweeeet! I'll get a better photo for ya on Sat.

And as for mods I was pretty sted fast against them....I like to keep my rig stock.....but :p I am going to go with: Amber DRL's, switch out fog light bulb, Mag light and fire extingisher mod. And thats IT!!! >:D HAHAHAHA well see!

Thanks again,