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Member needing rear window GTG decals........


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
It's a long story and I will not tell it here but MUSIKS is needing replacement decals. He had his rear window full of decals, mostly from events and GTG's that he attended. There was a problem and he lost all of these decals! Some of these are special to him and are not replaceable UNLESS us members happen to have a extra that we can give him!

If you have ever been to a GTG with MUSIKS you will remember him, he is a great guy who is willing to help anyone so lets help him by finding the decals he needs. I do not have a list of what he needs replaced but I am guessing that ANY GTG that he has attended he will be interested in the decal for that event if there was one. If you have a state Avalanche club decal for a state that he has visited he may need that also.

I have his address, you can PM me and I will either give his address to you or you can send them to me and I will make sure that he gets the decals.

Here is what I am sending him:

Thanks for the help, Butch


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