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Memory Seats Are Great, What About Mirrors?


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I love the memory seats on my Avalanche. It's the first time my wife and I have owned any vehicle with this feature and it's great to setup my seat once and forget it.

However one thing that would sweeten the package would be if the power mirrors were tied to this also. It doesn't seem like it would have been hard to do.
I have noticed great differences on memory packages.
Some only control the seats, some the seats and side mirrors, some luxury cars control all the seat, side mirrors, rearview mirror, radio presets, etc. This is a good question when looking for a new vehicle.
My Dad bought a 2002 GMC Envoy. Funny we both have the same color. He has a nicer computer system, all the controls on the steering wheel, dual climate with a digital display, etc. Granted it's dwarfed when next to my Avalanche, but for the money we should have all those options, plus his stereo is nicer and he has the wood grain on his dash. I think I will order the wood grain for my Avalanche since it's easy enough to add on, but it should have come with all the same features the SUV's came with. Plus the Envoy has memory for the mirrors and the automatically tilt down when you back up. He got the SUV of the year and I got the Truck of the year (Motor Trend). He has the same transmission also I noticed.
So Shaf which is more fun to drive? The Av or Envoy?

Like I said The Avalanche dwarfs my Dad's Envoy and I wouldn't trade for the Envoy because it has more gadgets, but it seems because we are still in the Truck category that they don't want to make it too fancy unless you buy the Cadillac Escalade EXT which is definitely not going to be used to haul anything at that price. The Avalanche is still the cream of the crop. I just wonder if we use the same wiring harness had the Cadillac because if we do, we should be able to get everything it has and just plug it in. :cool: :rolleyes:
One pet peeve with the menory seats - they don't work unless you are in park. ?I am the sole driver and I have 2 settings - just to change my position on long trips. ?I really don't see a safety issue with allowing the memory seat to work while in motion. ????
It does stink CLutter. I have 2 settings for myself.

I guess someone sued them a long time ago and the lawyers said NOPE only in park. :mad: