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Midgate "Alignment"


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Feb 27, 2002
Twin Cities, MN
Has anyone else noticed their midgate correctly and securely locks in place only for it to look like one side is not latched properly?

The passenger side of the midgate is securely latched but sticks out a good 1/4" to 1/2" at the top. I am assuming that it's just a mis-aligned latch as no matter how I close it, it stays the same.

I hate to bring it to the dealer for alignment and open the proverbial can of worms, but I also hate to sit idly by and start getting a leak.

It's been through several coin-op car washes now and never leaked but I typically don't take the hard covers off.

I just went out and looked at my midgate. both latches have the same gap. you probably should check to see if it does leak then take it to the dealer to fix it. then check to see if it leaks after they finish with it. keep us updated on what the dealer says
Jamie,I had the same problem.Try this:Take the window out and slam the midgate firmly.It may shut completely(mine does ONLY with the window out)

If that doesn't work,feel for a button in the center of the groove where the bottom of the window would fit into the midgate.This allows the gate to flap down without the cross-bar.Make sure the cross-bar seats firmly(no wobble).Then put every thing back together.

This eliminated my problem with a leaky "gate".
:) :)
Thanks, aVOLanche !

Learned something new today. I removed the window, dropped the midgate (with bar). Re-closed the midgate and re-installed window. Midgate still looked like it had a gap. Re-opened and then closed the midgate again. Looks good now - no GAP!

While I never could hear any rattle, outside air noise or see any water leakage, I'm sure I would have as time wore on.

I guess you just have to be sure the crossbar is secured when closing the midgate with the window out. Then re-open and firmly close the midgate.

Another valuable tip learned from this great website!

Mine rattled when not latched on one side - I was lucky and never had any water come in when it was not properly latched.

As has been said before - both the midgate and tailgate need a pretty good slam to get all the way closed. And the results are not good otherwise - leaks or the tailgate falling open and spilling your stuff all over the road.

I wish Chevy had incorporated 'tailgate ajar' and 'midgate ajar' warnings into the message center.