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Minor Annoyance


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Jan 17, 2002
Bourbon St. Balcony
Ok I have thought and thought about this and have no good solution.

The pocket in the center console cover where you put papers or pads. Everything slides out and ends up inside the console on the bottom.

I have tried many things but the only thing to keep the stuff in there is to stuff a towel in there to jam everything in place. But this stinks as when I do need the papers and I pull them out everything comes out and lands in the bottom.

Any have a way to install say a strap or something to hold those items in?
Hey ygmn!
I thought it was only me! That annoys me too. But not enough yet to do anything about it yet. ;-)
Maybe using one of those mini plastic clamps, like the ones you buy to keep potato chip bags closed after you open them would work.
Or I guess you could get fancier and attach an elastic strap, with short self tapping screws across the opening of the storage slot.
Maybe this will make the Av wish list. ;-)
I have not yet had anything fall out of there except my cell phone. All I keep in there is some post it notes and my belt clip for my cell phone. I like using the slot in the cup holder. Did the salesman that you purchased the Avalanche from show you that the cup holder comes out and can be placed back in either way with cup holders at top or bottom? I have mine in with cup holders at bottom...keeps the small apartment above console easier to get into.
I thought about putting a strap but I did not like the possible look. I was thinking of gluing some rubber it would be a bit stickier.

Glad I am not alone on this one.
I would assume this is related to the Avs with front bucket seat. The arm rest that folds down in the middle of the bench seat model has an elastic strap to keep papers, etc in place when the arm rest is flipped over. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it would serve that purpose.
well i misunderstood the first post...you mean that slot in the underside of the center console? I have about four maps shoved in there...so they dont fall out.