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Mirror Temp - What Is It Reading?


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Mar 14, 2002
Manassas, VA
During our recent heat wave, I got into my truck and the mirror temp was reading 111. Within a few blocks it dropped to 95, then to 89. Over the last few days it's been all over the place. Up, down, back up, etc. Exactly what temperature is it supposed to be reading (inside or outside) and where is the sensor? If it's the outside temp, I'm getting over 10 degree difference from what the local weather reading is (on the radio). I know there may be a few degrees difference but mine isn't even close. ???
Well it is suppose to be the external temperature. Mine seemed to track pretty well here while the weather was mild. But I've noticed over the past couple of weeks with the actual temp was rising (in the mid-eighties) it has started to read too high, then once I started driving it dropped about 5 degrees (still leaving it about 5 degrees high).

I vaguely recall mention that the sensor is in up behind the grill on the passenger side of the vehicle, and there is a way to move it to the driver's side instead (I could have that backward -- I could also be thinking of some other temperature sensor?).
The sensor is behind the front grill on the Drivers side. Don't bother with trying to move it. It needs to have air moving through it to give you the outside air temp. That is why when parked it shows a higher temp. I have a little Radio Shack dual temp Thermometer which I ran the Outside air temp sensor behind the tow hooks. They both read about the same when moving.
What XROVER said.

When sitting for extended periods it gets higher since it gets hot from the underhood heat.
The big question though is... Is it ever accurate (within reason)? The temp readout on my Grand Cherokee Ltd was always about 2 degrees off. The readout in the Av seems to be closer to 5 or 7 degrees off.

I know it should only be a ballpark number, I just thought it would be a "little" closer to ambient.

Mine seems pretty acurate when passing local banks and other outdoor thermometers I see. Plus or minus 1-2 degrees.
The real question is how do you adjust it. Can you, or is it set and you have to live with it. Any one know.
I read the manufactures website about the mirrors, and it appears that it is set...no adjustment other than location. :(
That last one was me...by the way, I can't remember the manufactures web site, but I got it from this board, so a little searching should find it.