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mobil synthetic oil


Full Member
Oct 29, 2006
hello guys, im running 5-30 syn mobil oil since i hit the 7000 miles, now my question is:
when do i need to change to 10 -30 oil if the truck is running with corsa syst, aem dry intake and diablosport program, last oil change was at 7000 miles, right now it has 10350 miles and 64 % oil life ? :B:
Unless your engine is consuming oil, I would stick with the 5W-30. I am at 87K and still using it.
Never change oil weight... stick with what is on oil cap....
Using 10W-30 in a new Av could void the warranty if they found out. They always look for any excuse not to cover something.
If he goes by the manual, he can use 10W-30 as long as its above zero F. Its just that 5W-30 is preferred.