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Mods Anyone


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Jul 18, 2002
Cooperstown, New York
What mods are people thinking about doing? I am starting this thread so that members can say which mods they want to do, and so that others can get ideas.
Certain Mods that I have on my mind are:
Billet Grille, Sportwing spoiler, Warn or PIAA lites, Predator, LOF, Horn either air horn from Whelen or other, tires bith bigger tread and Dual Batt. Syatem.
Please Remember, this thread is only if members want to talk about upgrades or mods to their trucks. So feel free to talk your mind about what you want to do to your truck. ;D

James R. :cool:
Well, yesterday the thread was posed for the grill guards from www.dealsofsteel.com I REALLY WANT ONE. I'm not sure I care what brand it is. I obviously don;t want a piece of crap. I think 299.00 with no freight is awesome. I also want the tail light guards. It's only money, right. Actually another thing I would really like is the rear bumper guard from WAAG. I saw it on another AV, an I really like it.

First and foremost though is the Grill Guard. I've always liked the look of them on most trucks.

This would be my first "major" Mod. I have the Amber DRL's, Stars and Strip Tailgate letters, Stars and Stripes Bowtie up front, White gauges, Billet A/C knobs, I used the Testor pen on the Steering wheel bowtie, the avalanche lettering on the sides, and the tailgate, and this weekend I may do the bowtie on the wheels...not sure If I want to get that ballsy or not. Anyway, it's time for something new....The grill guard may be on in a couple weeks.
I'm thinking about the Denali Wood Steering wheel, ThunderVolt 50 wires, painting the cladding, a moonvisor, brush guard and tail light guards, chrome interior and exterior handles, a back-up sensor, fender flares, and maybe one day a bedslide.
That's my list. I need to win the lottery. Nah! I like looking forward to doing a mod and stretching it out, don't want to get bored with the truck.
6" RCD lift with 33" tires and new wheels. Safari roof rack with light bar. Dual battery system with at least a 2000watt inverter installed. Soft tub spa in the bed complete with Swedish bikini team :love:
The Soft tub spa and swedish bikini team is one mod, I would definitely enjoy! ;D

-James R.
Here is a short list of mods I'm currently modding or will be modding shortly.

Red carbon fiber dash and interior kit mix with a billet dash and interior kit.
Billet bazel.
Red carbon/charcoal leather steering wheel.
Charcoal steering wheel face.
Red interior neons
Billet ac/headlight knobs.
Red dash lighting.
White face dash panels.
Red bowtie replacement for gold bowtie on seats. (stiched)
Custom single scoop ram air hood. (billet grille opening)
Billet Antenna. (red with chrome flames)
Billet door sills. (says avalanche)
Third brake light cover. (says avalanche)
Triple gauge pod (matches interior)
Three 2 1/18th inch white face indiglo gauges custom white borders and needles.
Dual exuast and chrome tips. (custom tips before rear tires)
Billet ?locking gas cap.
Engine dress up kit. (chrome/red wires, billet caps and covers, red battery, red carbon fiber covers)
Two tone Black/Red paint job. (silver stripes)
Fiberglass body panels.
Fiberglass roll pan.
Relocate gas filler.
Shaved door handles.
Chrome interior door handles.
Custom side mirrors.
SS intake scoops.
Air bags. (chrome air tanks)
Larger disc brakes. (Red)
Clear tail lights. (All on mod till they make them)
HID Lighting.
Chrome snugtop handles. (on top)
Billet windshield wipers.
Custom fiberglass wiper cowl.
Avalanche logo on front windshield.
Undercarraige/wheel well blacklights. (nine tubes)

Thats pretty much it for now. More then half the mods listed are being installed this weekend.

Oh to be young and single again, so that I could spend my whole paycheck just on me and my toys!!!

Beware BigRed - if you ever marry that girl you are going to have someone else coming up with ideas on how to spend your money, and her ideas may not involve your AV as much as yours do! Let's see, I used to have a motorcycle, ....
My next mod will be to finish painting the kitchen cabinets and all the trim I installed............Dayum AVY and all my trips to Home DePOT....................................

but next mod to AVy may just be to get my fat butt in the seat and go for a long cruise............................
I've only done amber DRL's and stuck a CAFCNA sticker in the back window (which I can't say I really like, but I want to ad for the club. ?FWIW, I don't even like the Z71 stickers). ?Oh yeah, and tinted front windows.

I'm gonna have to go slow because the Av just barely fit my budget as it is. ?Gotta spend money on the baby and wife first!

That said, I would at least like to do bug deflector, window deflectors, new speakers (maybe), and my wife wants me to get steps (although I like the look w/out better). ?Someday I'd like to do exhaust, FIPK (or drop-in if I lean towards 11H's opinion ?;)), and then add some more from there. I think I may want to go with the aluminum look with billet grille, billet fuel door, and billet windshield wipers??? that's a new one one me, but sounds cool. Then maybe some aluminum-trimmed looking stuff inside like gauges, knobs, and stickers over the airbag warnings.

Main One said:
Beware BigRed - if you ever marry that girl you are going to have someone else coming up with ideas on how to spend your money, and her ideas may not involve your AV as much as yours do! ?Let's see, I used to have a motorcycle, ....

It was her idea to mix the red carbon fiber and billet kit together... sometimes she comes up with new ideas faster then me... she's planning to buy a caddy ext in the near future.. I don't know what all this means... but I like it!!

I couple others that I haven't mentioned:
A bugshield
The sportwing spoiler with a chrome or stainless steel finish
An upgraded stereo, pioneer/alpine w/fold-out screen
Wrangler or Pro-comp tires, something with bigger, better treads
Roof Marker Lamps?
Offroad equipment including a 15' chain, 2 D-shackles, a reciever shackle from warn, heavy-duty Lineman gloves(as in the gloves that cable or power company people use) those are very good for any type of work and can stand up to the elements well.
Hopefully I will have enough in the budget for a 9500i Warn winch ???

And a new SS exhaust tip to replace my Chrome tip that has turned into arusted out tube. :8:

James R. :cool: