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More Alarm problems


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Mar 10, 2005
Birmingham, AL
As a lot of you know the issues have had with my Viper 791VX.  Well all has been working for bout 2 months, but as of last week, I noticed that when I arm the system the doors are not locking.  I pulled out one of the old remote fobs to see if the power locks worked, and they do.  It seems that something is screwed up on the alarms system and it is not passing the signal to lock/unlock the doors. 

Any ideas where to start looking.  I did get a shop to install it, but would like to be able to go in with a  couple of other ideas of what the problem might be.

Thanks for any help.
Did they us a door lock interface or a data bus interface? Could it be a bad connection? Are you getting a report back(chirp/display) saying the system armed?

I just upgraded my 791 to the 5900  :love:
Thanks for the responce back, To tell you the truth, I am not really sure.  I do think that it is a loose connection somewhere. I have noticed a sound like the doors trying to lock or unlock when I have to hit the breaks real hard.  But it could be my amagination 
Take your knee bloster off and look around for the brain and the wires leading away from it and start wiggling.
The company that installed the alarm should have put a lifetime warrenty on the system.  Take it back there, and have them fix it.  You do not have any loose connections, but I do beleive that the system is wired wrong.