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More Decal Choices For Your Z71!!!

Thanks for the link, I just added it to my favorites.
They have some different looking stuff.
Thanks for the link... Now to convince the boss we need some body side decals for the AV
ChevyThunder said:
Hi All.

Here is a link to Street Graphics. A few more choices if you have a Z71 system on your AV. I ordered a pair of the silver ones in the very last row on the left. I'll post what they look like on my Indigo Blue AV, and comment on quality when I put them on.

Sean :B:


They do have some nice ones, but no Z66 graphics. Also, it would nice if they had a color option choice, even if you had to pay more for it. Prices look great, but would need to check on qualility of material used.

Don't think this has been posted before, if so sorry.

Auto Trim Design has added some new decals to the line up.

Patriotic "Polyurethane Domed" decals for the tailgate.



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Easy, first wash your AV, then use a hair dryer to heat the old decal, and just peel while still heating the backside of the decal as you remove.

Edit, Too Slow

My originals came right off, I just peeled the corners. If it's cold just use a hair dryer or a heat gun to soften them up. Added notes- be sure and clean the surface really well with some ISO alcohol before putting on the new ones and if it's cold when you put them on, use that hair dryer to help them adhere to the AV. Afterwards be sure and coat then with wax or something similar to protect them.

My Z71 decals look darn good in my humble opinion. However I can't seem to get them posted. Still working on it. Sorry it's been a while. I was sidetracked by current events.

Those area nice. I hadn't seen the third light one. I jsut may have to get out the ol' credit card....