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Motor Trend 2002 Truck Of The Year Stickers


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Mar 6, 2002
Just wondering, if any one knows where can I get one of the stickers? The Tundra or Tacoma was Truck of the Year, and I saw The Truck of the Year sticker on the truck.
I was just thinking about this the other day. What I would like are nice little plates to go on the side of the AV behind the rear door like the NFE plates.

Just a small little logo with the Motor Trend gold trophie pictured on top with like "Motor Trend 2002 Truck of the Year" under it.

I have a PT Cruiser, which was Motor Trend Car of the year last year and Chrysler sent us the stickers themselves. Actually sent two stickers. The ones they sent were the "magnetic plastic" sort of like the oil stickers placed in the front windshield when you get an oil change. It came with instructions for where to place the stickers etc. Pretty nice. Wish Chevy would do something similar.
I'd like a Truck of the Year front license plate...from Motor Trend. I wonder if that's possible. Despite the admiring glances, people are still skeptical of the AV. This would be a nice promotion.
You mean Mopar thought of something the Generals didn't.......come on General how bout splurging for 2 cent stickers, would increase the resale value....but not planning to sell it till the fenders fall off >:D :B:
Maybe Motor Trend will make them, or let let use the rights to produce it and we will put it on ourselves. I have a graphic printer that I use for work for my signs, I don't think he'll have a problem with it as long a we have a release letter from either the General and/or Motor Trend. Let me see, that will probably take 2 years to get. I'll see if he'll do it anyhow.
How about trying to shame GM :-[ into doing something! We could start sending them emails. Or better yet someone should find out the name of a junior marketing exec and "they" could come up with this brilliant idea.

I am dissapointed :cry: that GM hasn't done anything after hearing what some of the other makes have done.