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Motor Trend May 2002


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Feb 27, 2002
Twin Cities, MN
In the May issue of Motor Trend they have a 2-page spread on various FIPKs, their performance gain and cost. Also, in the letters to the editors, there were a few yays and nays in line with their choice for Truck Of The Year.

Not much else of interest other than the Ford GT40 being put into production - for $100K!

Its unfortunete that the GT 40 is going to 100K. I was kind of hoping to see it for around 60. If Ford was smart I think they should have made it cheaper than the Viper. Right now there is only the Viper and the Corvette. There could have been the Mustang but Ford shot themselves in the foot wiith that business decision. If I could afford a sports car for 100k I would not want my friends at Long Island's Hampton Polo Grounds to see me in a Ford. Maybe a Mercedes SL 600 but most definetely not a Ford. Thats my $0.02
I agree man! That car shouldn't be that high priced. It will be on par with a Viper based on early specs. It should also then be priced accordingly. Not that I'll ever afford one, but if it were just barely out of reach, I'd feel like I might just be able to get one ;D if everything fell into place just right.

WHAT a gt 40 owner might say.

yo yes dear,
I have payed 100K for this CARRRRRRRR
but it will not pull the polo horse trailer.
but hey the wife can take it Rodeo drive shopping.
and if that is not good enough for them they can just stick it in there boxers and play a nice game of gin...

by the way the maid is off this week so I can not make it to the club tonight I do not have anything clean.
you would think a man in my shoes would have 1 of 100
nerd suits clean....

;D ;D :cool: :cool: ;D :D :D

Such an expensive price tag on a ford could mean an early demise because of low sales.....I don't know many who would pay that much to put themselves in a Ford....not when there are porshes..etc...
I am sure they will sell. it will be a nostagila thing. I personally think they refined the look too much. part of the appeal of the original GT40 was the rough around the edges race car look. It looked like it was designed in a short time to do racing (which it was). Now it is too smooth.