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Moulding On Front Bumper


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
Has anyone thought of putting body moulding on the front bumper? I know a few years back I had to replace some side body moulding on a car. I went to a automotive paint store and they had dozens of types and colors of mouldings. I was setting on the front porch at my Mothers house yesterday and my AV was parked so I was looking right at the big front bumper. I got to looking at it and think it would look great with a piece of moulding across it! I was thinking something right above the licence plate area. There is a piece of the bumper about 3" wide and the full length that would be perfect to do some experimenting
on....I was thinking maybe a trim peice that would match the body with some chrome to match the grill bar. The attached pic shows my poor Photoshop skills but at least you will get the idea of what I am thinking about. Ohh and the grill in the pic was posted here in another forum, don't you just love it?


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