Murphy's 4x4 laws


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    * The largest vehicle always has the right of way.
    * There's always parking space when driving a 4X4.
    * Shortest distance between 2 points is by 4X4.
    * Mud pools are always deeper then they appear.
    * The winch of a 4X4 is always just a little to short to reach a good hold.
    * Mud tends to go where you do not want it to go...
    * You blow a tire when in the middle of the mud.
    * The heavier the car the deeper it sinks.
    * There's never a tree around when you're stuck in the mud.
    * The bigger the tires the deeper the track.
    * The tire blows at that time in which it is most needed.
    * Water always is deeper then it appears.
    * Your snorkel is always that inch to short when it comes down to taking a dive.
    * A 4X4 is is twice the fun of a 2WD and costs the same.
    * No matter where you go you always cut corners.
    * Your hub screws are always turned off when you need them to be turned to 4X4.
          That happens always when you're stuck in the mud.
          Your passenger gets angry at that time, because he/she has to get out do turn them.
    * If you own a 4WD and a 2WD, you'll get stuck in mud in the 2WD car.
          The road will be dry when you're in the 4WD car.
    * The better the 4X4, the further into the sand/mud/forest it will get stuck
    * There is no 4X4 better than a rental car.
    * Any driver in front of you will immediately lose the ability to drive their car.


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i agree with all except 4x4 cost the same as 2x4s! although u are right on the fact that they are twice as fun, 2wd def cost less!