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Muscle Machines Avalanche!


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Aug 7, 2002
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I just came back from my first trip to a Target store, and scored something I hadn't seen before. Muscle Machines toy company and Petersen's 4WHEEL&OFF-ROAD magazine apparantly have teamed up and brought out a manufacturer's series of trucks. I found 2 sets: one in 1:64 scale which are similar to the Matchbox and Tonka models, and one in 1:43 scale, which are close to Lionel Trains size. The 1:43 set includes an extended cab Silverado ( 2002 - no Av copy nose), a Chevy SSR, and a metallic Green Av with nice details including a pair of roof mounted driving lights. The set was $9.99 in Target. See the attachment ?for a pic, and I'll start anothe reply with the other set.



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The 1:64 scale set swaps out the SSR for an orange Suburban, but the Av is tucked into the right side of the package. Sort of resembles Arrival Blue!
See the Pic.



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This I stumbled on while I was looking at the Muscle Machines. Tonka redid their Av in a green and cream style with "Fran's Outdoor Adventures" plastered on the side. It still has the Maisto stamp on the bottom and comes with dual exhausts.
Another Pic.


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One more pic of the 1:43 Av. Besides being lifted up to nosebleed height, it appears to have a billet gas door, Stripeman tailgate applique, and Escallade door handles.
I like this truck (see pic)



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More toys to buy!!
Thanks, I'm gonna go check out target later today. My model collection is getting pretty big. So far I've got the 1/18 Welly
The DUBS model
The little green matchbox one
The motorized Bully 4X4
I was thinking about getting the huge RC one for $130 from Toy R US. That's just a lot of $ that could go toward real v mods... :cautious:
Well, we just got back from Big Lots, found a single pack Muscle Machines Av in Dark Green. I bought 2 of them, one for me and one for the kid ;D

Looks like I might be on my way to Target next >:D
Zimms, do you have a BJ's wholesale club in the area? They have the 1/6 scale New Bright one for $98.99 :D

You should check them out if you are looking for a big one.

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I think endeavorc is trying to show you this model, also made by New Bright, the same company that put out "The Bully"
KB toys
zimmsAV said:
I was thinking about getting the huge RC one for $130 from Toy R US. ?That's just a lot of $ that could go toward real v mods... :cautious:

I agree! Why get a toy when you can MOD your real, gigantic toy. >:D
BJ's is like a Sam's club.

The 1:6 scale New Bright Av is an R/C. I have seen them at Walmart for the same price also ;D

Look for the thread on R/C Avalanches you will find some pics there.

>:DI think the makers of these toys have been hanging around our site. The green AV toy has the billet fuel door and stripeman letters from what i could tell by looking at the pictures,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
zeeya >:D