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My AV Was Appropriated


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Apr 30, 2002
Conroe, TX
I work for in the Technology Center for a large school district. We're moving to new facilities next week, but we have to get the server room up and running this week. They were discussing how to get the servers over to the new building. These machines are delicate and the moving trucks are just too rough.

Then someone thought of my AV. So now my Avalanche is the official moving vehicle of the entire server room for CISD. Its moving racks, switches, servers, ect ect.

Its hell having the nicest vehicle on the lot. :)
Pictures! Get pictures!
I'm in the same field of business. The cargo bed of my Av has two laundry baskets of spare computer and network parts. The rubber floor mat is great for servers and monitors because they are cushioned and don't slide around. The bed comfortably carries a boxed server, monitor and a cooler of beer and food for those long server upgrade nights. >:D

Curious to know what school system your at and what exactly you do in this field. Shoot me an email when you have the chance.
Guess you are ?Super-Hauling? along
the ?Information Superhighway?!!!! :cool: