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My AV With Ricer!



While shopping in Palm Springs, I walked out to find this "ricer" parked in front of my AV. I could not resist and take a couple of pictures. It's soooooo small! I could almost fit it in the bed of the AV! Also the first time I see yellow tinted windows...




Now I will have to contribute to this topic next weekend ;D
The only thing nice about that little car is the color that would be a nice yellow for an Av ( I know I kniow yellow is comming in 2003)
BlackAv2002 said:
The only thing nice about ?that little car is the color ?that would be a nice yellow for an Av ( I know I kniow ?yellow is comming in 2003)

The interior was...uh....not my style. This kid (met him) spent a lot of daddie's money on his ride. He was very proud telling me about all his mods and stuff. I told him I was going to email him the pix and he was all jazed.

I must admit that the yellow tint was kinda cool on a yellow car. :)
the tint sure is different , but does look good on a yellow car. wonder if he has yellow neons?
Geez! Does that car have to be rubbed on the carpet before it will go anywhere????
A couple of weeks ago I saw a green tahoe with green tinted windows. That was quite a site. ?It had at least 22" rims and was modded to the max. Never seen anything like it before. ?Seems like the colored window tint is becoming a fad around here.

All that money, and it's still a Honda Civic.


I was following two "modded" Acura Integra's through a very rural Conneticut town the other day, on my sportbike. The cars drove through making all kinds of fart noises, and everyone in town was looking at me?! Like my BIKE is making that noise! :rolleyes: My puny one-liter had a deeper rumble than those things...