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My black tie


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Sep 25, 2007
Decatur, AL
Okay, I've had my 07 for a week and a half.  Got my bowties painted.

I used a satin black in the Fusion paint made for plastics, then a clear gloss acrylic over top.



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nice job spaceguy, that compliments the already great looking front end very well!
looks good!

I like how its almost the same color but not quite gives it that subtle contrast I like - only the ones that know will know!
Looks good! (y)  In the FWIW dept., Lowes carries American Tradition paint for plastic made by Valspar, which is a "blacker" Black that Fusions.
Hey,  that's looking good.  I've really got to find the time to do mine.  I have a couple of questions however.  I understand that the front emblem comes off rather easily so no problem removing it to paint.  How are you guys doing the rear emblem?  That one is stuck on correct?  Do you just mask off the whole back of the truck and paint it while it's attached, or do you somehow remove it to paint it and then re-attach?

(y) Lookin good spaceguy! The black tie with chrome outline looks much better than the gold on the black AV's.
...wydah, I just masked the rear end of the avy to paint mine, seems I'd either spend a couple hours removing the tie and adhesive, then replacing it, or just keep it on and not risk scratching the tailgate trying to get it off, but spend the time masking around the tie (well, and the whole rear end).? ?Either way, mods like this take time, so I guess take your time and do it right the first time...