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my custom console


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Feb 9, 2007
this is my custom center console with 1 12w6v2 downfiring


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That's awesome!! Did you make it or have it made? Either way, I'm sure it thumps a bit... >:D Would love to see pics of the underside if you ever have it out for any reason. What's the rest of the system consist of?
Looks really nice. Do you have more pics maybe from the back seat. Would love to see more.
I gave hime a rough draft of what i wanted and air space, which is 1.25 . so he charged me 175 to build it and 125 to uhpolster it.If i had the saws i would have done it myself.? It may not look like it , but it is a 2 piece you wouldnt know unless i told you, so if i wanted to change out the sub it would be alot easier .I'll get some more pics tomorrow. I have a memphis belle 5 channel running 600 watts to it with 600watts in reserve and 75 x 4 going to some focal utopia seperates up front and some focal co axile in rear,double din? Screen w/navi up front and? 1 screen in each headrest. Installation all done by me. Next mod will be cutout fender vents Which I just ordered? C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\side of ruck.jpg? ?
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\side of ruck.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\side frontal view.jpg