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MY DOOR!!! DENTED!!!!!!!!



my stupid date pushed the door open too hard and the door swung against a parking meter!!! she was about to see a grown man cry!! :C:

I have to agree with Mac on that though. Either that or Learn her the proper way to open and close your door.

I used to charge a dollar for every door slam and door that was opened to hard.

Surely the correct solution is to tie a chain from the meter to the av and pull the meter out of the ground. After all what was it doing there anyway... maybe send the bill to the city for inappropriate positioning of their equipment. ;)
My 5 year old niece opened my sisters door into the side of my AV, I am going to the paintless dent removal guy. Less than $50. How can I get mad at her, she was excited and wanted to see me. The small prices we pay.