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My first problem - transfer case rear seal


Full Member
Nov 22, 2002
Jefferson City, MO
It looks like I now have the first real issue on my truck. I got home this afternoon from looking at a 4-wheeler and decided to put my 20's back on for the summer. When I crawled under the truck to place the floor jack under the differential there was an oily residue all over the underneath of the truck.

It looks like my rear transfer case seal has sprung a pretty big leak. I know it just happened today as there are no oil stains on the driveway and oil was dripping off the rear cross-member this afternoon. Anybody know how much this one's going to set me back?

It couldn't have happened at a worse time since I have to go to the farm next weekend and do my annual CRP burn. Hopefully I can get it fixed next week.

EDIT: It's my transfer case seal, not the differential seal. Needless to say, I wouldn't really consider the differential seal a big issue.
buy repair manual($16-17) and DIY maybe? it's just a seal. fortunately, access is quite easy. also, if i might suggest - easy on that gas pedal? or you'll end up with feeding local repair shops and dealers for as long as you own the truck with all kinds of gasket and seals replacements. somehow they do not like high rpm pressure.
I edited this - I must have been about half asleep when I originally typed it. I had put differential seal at first and I WISH that's what it was. It's the rear transfer case seal that's leaking. I hope it's not a really expensive proposition.
Thanks for the link, Wildfire. With the special tools needed and I suspect the need to pull the transfer case I believe I'll be taking it to the shop. As I stated, I need to have it done by next Friday.
It appears to be leaking at the rear seal where the driveshaft goes into the transfer case. I degreased the underneath yesterday and drove it around the block this afternoon with no further leaks. I'm gong to drive it to work tomorrow and check it after I get there.