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My First Question.......



Hi guys.......i'm thinking about getting a 1500 AVS 4x4 in a few months and the price on carsdirect.com is the lowest I can find. Have any of you guys deal with them or heard anything good or bad about them? I'm thinking about getting my AVS from them instead of playing games with dealers..........thanks for any input.... ;)
Where are you going to get it serviced? It's hard enough getting good service and/or warranty work done when you have spent mucho bucks on a vehicle from a dealer. I would hate to try to get any kind of attention from a dealer I had not purchased from. If you want to buy off the internet, look for a dealer with an internet site. That's what I did. All negotiation was done prior to my going to the dealership. I knew what he had in stock, MSRP and invoice. It was a completely hassle free purchase.
In my opinion you should stick with a local dealer. You can look up invoice pricing on number of websites including edmunds.com Knowledge is power and you need to know how much the dealer paid for the vehicle. You may have to add for dealer advertising which will vary from area to area. I just bought my Av 3 weeks ago for invoice plus 1 % of MSRP for advertising. That was the starting point and then we subtracted the current rebate $2002 off of that. A good deal in my opinion will be anything from invoice up to $500 or even a $1000 over invoice. The dealer is in business to make money and deserves some profit. Even at invoice the dealer makes 3% of MSRP known as the "dealer hold back" The key is to have your pricing figured out before sitting down with a sales person and don't let yourself be pressured. I would much rather have a local dealer to back me up in case of problems. Good Luck.
Stick with a local dealer - find a good one with a good shop, good attitude - your drive out price won't be that much different. A lot of the online ones don't really match what a hungry dealer can do and will do for you later.

Support your local - he will support you.
I have to agree with all of the responses - including the $500 to $1,000 over invoice being a solid deal. If you surf the local newspaper you may even be able to scoop up what they call an "ad" unit for less.

Where do you live (don't have to get specific but just the major metro area) - folks here can probably point you to their dealer if they live nearby. The dealers that know about this site won't jerk you around because they know if you're reading here, your educated on the purchase...
I'd have to agree... establish a relationship with a reputable local dealer. Prequalify for financing, leave your trade at home and give them your price. I think my deal came out to around $950 over invoice... they advertised it as $300 over, but there was a hidden $350 local ad fee or something and another $279(?) paperwork fee.

I'm almost positive further negotiating could've yielded a better deal, but I lose patience too easily... plus, I had a bad trade-in I really wanted to dump.

Hindsight is 20/20, but I would've been *much* better off waiting for the $2002 cash back and sat on my trade-in vehicle.
thanks guys for all your responses.........yea....I had been thinking about if I buy from internet and if something goes wrong with my AVS i'll be in deep trouble. So I guess i'll take your advice and stick with a local dealer...I'm located in Hacienda Hts, CA........just 20 min drive from downtown LA......so pls let me know if any of you know any good dealers around. Again thank you for all your help and i can't wait to write my owner review............ ;D
Hi Kit,

I am in Orange County. I bought mine from Newport Auto Center. They gave me a great deal and they are top notch. They are a Porsche, Audi and Bentley dealer. They are also a Chevrolet dealer but only Chevy SUV's and Corvettes. They handle chevy trucks for their high end customers who are buying high end cars but also have a wife and kids. The male usually buy's the sports car and the wife get's a new Tahoe while their at it.

Pretty damm smart !!!

Anyway's They are not selling the Chevy's to turn a big profit. I did plenty of research on the AV before I bought mine. You should be able to get one out here for $0.00 to $250.00 over invoice.

E mail me if you want to talk.
My email adress is in my profile. Just click on my handle (XRover) above.

Glad to be of any help
With the amount of information that is available now there is no excuse for going to a dealer uninformed. Back when I was selling cars, even the salesmen did not know the invoice price of a vehicle. We were given a standard disount that we were allowed to take off of the MSRP for each model and that was it.
When I bought my Avalanche, the dealer posted the MSRP and Invoice price of all of his vehicles in stock on the internet. When we went in he laid a copy of his invoice on the table and we negotiated from that. Of course the kicker for me was 0% financing. I still can't believe that deal! The car business has changed. If you come in with no clue, many dealers will try to take advantage of you, but if they can tell you are an informed and reasonable buyer (that understands that they have to make some profit, but wants a good price), they will usually treat you with respect.
Do your homework and buying your Avalanche should be an enjoyable experience.
I tried to buy from my local dealer. They had one Avalanche in stock. I gave them a list of the equipment I wanted and 4 or 5 colors that I would accept. The salesman said "I might get a chance sometime next week to see if I can locate one for you". I thanked him and left. I checked the internet and found a dealer about 2-hours away with 22 Avalanches in stock, 4 of which were equipped exactly how I wanted. Sent an e-mail, got a call from the salesman, drove to the dealer, test drove the truck, took delivery and drove home. All in the same day. There is a world of difference in dealers. The good ones deserve our business.
I went to gmbuypower.com, entered in my zip code, phone number, and exactly what I wanted in an Av. The next day, a dealer four miles from my house called me and told me that he had exactly what I wanted, and that I could have it for $100 over invoice. I went in that weekend, they gave me a great price on my trade in, so I bought the Av.

Now I have exactly what I want, and am dealing with a great dealership that is only four miles from my house.

Good Luck
Big Don,

You said you went 2 hours away to buy your AV from a dealer? So does that now mean you have to take a 2 hour road trip everytime you need to have your rig serviced? I live in the Chicago suburbs with probably about 15 Chevy dealers w/in a 30 mile radius of me. Is finding a good deal that tough or do you just live in the sticks?

Some dealers put their sticker prices up but edit out the cost of the options, seems shady to me. It is like they are trying to sneak add-ons in the vehicle.

Here is a similar configuration (add side steps for another $395) and this seems to be what I have in mind. Color is still being debated (Indigo Blue, Forrest Green, Victory Red, Onyx Black, Victory White, man they are all nice)http://www.gmbuypower.com/app/gmbp/us/en/gmbp/gmbp/popup?page=G6_pop1&VIN=3GNEK13T02G247181 What in your collective buying experience would be a fair price seeing it stickers at $36,855 before sidesteps?

If anybody has any suggestions for dealers in the Chicago Burbs I would appreciate the input.

Louie xlouxdogx@yahoo.com
I used GM buypower to locate dealers and brought in the window sticker I printed out. I also went to Cefcu.com to find out the mark up. You can also get a very detailed report from Consumer Reports which will show you the invoice price plus any other deal incentives, rebates, or kick backs.