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My First "tag" Experience


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Jan 23, 2003
San Jose, CA
Well as a proud new owner of an AV, I have to spread the gospel of the CAFCNA. I performed my first "intervention" today.

I spotted an 02 White Z71 (with a bull dog vanity license plate) in the Weinershitzel parking lot and had to find its owner. I took a look around the dining area (is that what you call them in a fast-food hot dog joint?) and spotted them in the first try. (Why is that? Maybee it is the 'Avalanche' deodorant? But I disgress.) A nice family of three, about my age- mid 30s with a 12 year old child.

I said "excuse me, but do you own an Avalanche"? "Why yes" they replied. Next thing I know I'm telling them about the club, and all the information you can get. They mentioned that they have a painted flag bowtie that was custom done. When I mentioned that there are all sorts of custom bowtie links on the site, they seemed hooked.

I didn't have any brochures yet, so they wrote down the web address on a napkin with a pink pen. (Don't worry- it was the wife's.) ;)

So, just wanted to share. I hope they sign up.