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SM 2003
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Jul 11, 2002
Poughkeepsie, NY
At 1 o'clock this morning my horn started to blare. It was not the beeping of the panic alarm, but a steady blast. I started the Av hoping that this would stop it, but it kept going. I went to grab a coat and a wrench to yank a battery cable and lo and behold after about another minute it wound down and died. I drove it around for 5 minutes to make sure everything was operating OK, and then sat up for an hour t see if it would happen again. It didn't. I called the dealer and he said that this was not an uncommon problem and was due to the cold. It was -6 here last night, and his theory is that the cold caused the plastic/metal in the steering column to contract to such a degree that the horn was triggered. Short of taking it all apart, his suggestion was to pull the horn fuse when it looks like it's going to be below zero. I gues when I started the Av the wiring heated up enough to stop the horn. A friend had a Cadillac that had the same problem and he ended putting a toggle switch in to disable the horn. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a GM problem? Any other ideas?
LOL! (Sorry!!)

A member of my households old car used to do that. My bedroom was right next to the driveway, and the car used to pick the coldest, most "in the middle of the night" time to do this.

At least five times I'd get scared out of my mind, from a dead sleep. I'd be hitting my alarm, looking for the remotes for my tv or stereo.... just going crazy for the first 10 seconds! ;D

It was his actual horn button doing it. We'd have to go out there and land a few good punches on the center of the wheel to make it stop.
Dealer is correct about cold causing the stuff in steering wheel to contract......but I would not live with it.....

All they have to do is remove airbag and move some stuff around or adjust the contacts or something......

Removing fuse is temporary and I would tend to think you might forget ......