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my mods and thanks to the inspirations


Full Member
May 20, 2007
Big Island
hi there again, we bought our 03 z71 in may and so far i did the following mods:

>> bed slide (self made - about $75)
>> lighting for the bed when opening tailgate
>> jimmi jammers
>> damplifier for the doors
>> ipod interface from blitzsafe
>> hardwired garmin streetpilot c340
>> 13" antenna
>> tailgate torsion bar

the following things are ordered, hopefully i can put them in/on soon:

>> decals from streamline
>> actuators for tailgate and saddle bags

what's next........ :eek:  ???

bandt0913 said:
ambers? gatorback? exhaust? headers? super charger!!!!!!!!!!

Dont you mean "Tear apart your dash and paint it"

How could you forget to include that!  :D
Tango Chaser said:
Dont you mean "Tear apart your dash and paint it"

How could you forget to include that! :D
I don't wish that headache on anyone! got my parts out for more work last night and a thunderstorm came through!  :E:
hi - i added amber drls, decals from streamline, power tailgate lock (still trying to figure out how to do the saddle bags), made a holder for candy bars, so they stay cool in front of the air outlet when the ac is on and i am planning to paint the bowtie.
Mongoose said:
i know and shame on me - but i don't have my camera here at home for about another week (my wife is down in san antonio for a course and that is where it is - just came back today from there myself). i will post a few pics next week.