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My New 07 AV


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Mar 25, 2003
Thomasville, NC
Well I kept it a secret for a couple of weeks until our GTG at Modesses' House. Now that it has been unvailed I can share my excitment with every one else. Most know what my old AV looks like and I must say that I never thought I'd ever see it go, but I got the fever for a new one and couldn't resist. so here are some pics of my new baby.


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Welcome to the ')& club Diamond Pete!  It is an awsome truck, enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine!


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Very sharp! Congratulations! May you enjoy it as much as I do mine!  >:D
Congratulations Diamond Pete! Those 07's ROCK!

Guess he should  have listed the mods already..

Humm, what do I remember taking off the mistress and seeing on the cracker..
strobes 4 up front 2 in back..
train horn
under glow
custom bedslide with a built in drawer
custom tailgate mat

be sure to post in this registry

Hey Pete forgot to ask on sat. does the #3 panel have 4 latches or 2 the panel closet to the midgate... i heard GM went to just 2 latches on that one  very Nice Av...... :love:
Rongotti said:
Congrats! Nice truck
Moosc te #3 panel has 4 latches
Panel 3 really..  I thought 2 as well, least thats what Petey said when we looked...  hummm

ps welcome to the club

that doesn't seem good, are they more centered or just to the rear?
Thought when I looked they were just to the rear, but then again that was after I had a few