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My Son Made Me So Proud


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
On March 8th a small group of us went to Familyfest at Mission Ridge ski area outside of Wenatchee, Washington. This was the second to last day for Familyfest and the last stop of a three plus month tour.

As they were giving out the drawing for prizes they gave out two Chevy Trucks Northface backpacks. One was sage green, the other was red. The first one went to the adults and the second one went to the kids.

The topic? Avalanche trivia! Who got picked first. My nine-year-old boy who had worked his way to the front of the crowd.

The question? What is the thing that folds down in the middle of the Avalanche called. Have to admit the little guy started off with "ummmmm" and my thought was, "oh no! They threw you a grapefruit son hit it out of the park." Then he says that magic Trademarked word. Midgate.

Winner! Way to go little dude!
;DWay to go JR.
Have to admit, my 10 year old stays on top of things also as i have friends ask questions and he is always in the middle of it.
He thinks it is so cool to get up on the back and help wash the roof and covers.
Keep em off the streets...........
Now he has got into this Hooters' thing since he kept seeing GOO's AV with the Hooter's girls. Wouldn't you know it, My motherinlaw has a lady at work that has a daughter that is a Hooter's girl and she has him set up
(My son doesn't know it yet). He has never been to a Hooter's, but she is going to call on her next workday and we are bringing him to the pub and she is going to have all the girls surround him for a picture and give him a T-shirt with all the signatures.......... >:D >:D >:D
Told the wife they could only do it while Dad was in town.
Trying to figure out away to get em out to the AV for a pic of some Cajun Hooter's, girls that is.......... >:D