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My Steering Locked At 20mph



I was driving my 2500 at 20-25mph when my steering locked up!!! I couldn't turn the steering wheel at all!!! :8: :8: I was able to get the car safely off the road, and had it towed to the dealer. So far they haven't been able to tell me what happened. Has anybody else experienced a similar situation??
I have not heard of this one....wait.....someone mentioned a clunking when turning....had a loose bolt....others have had steering box changed....

Try a search and see what you find on here.

Good Luck
Thanks for the response! I did search the entire forum and couldn't find anything similar. This was scary because there was no warning at all!! No noises, nothing out of the ordinary. The steering wheel just locked.
Try this link...

Try just searching for "steering" and set the start days to 0 and the end days to 300 to make sure you get all the threads....

Good Luck
That's real scary! They'd have to prove to me real well what the problem was before I'd drive it again. Sorry NTF (no trouble found) just wouldn't work.

Keep us posted on what the fix is . . . sure glad something more serious didn't happen!
Here's the update on my "steering lock-up" problem:
The truck was at the dealer for one week, and they did 2 road tests, checked for codes in the powertrain, body,and chassis. Checked for obstructions in the steering shaft from the column to gear and found no problems. Checked the steering linkage, and road tested it w/tilt at different positions, and everything checked out OK. Every questions I asked, about the on-board computer and event data recovery system were totally dismissed. The ultimate insult was when I went back to the sales manager and tried to work out a deal for another one, they offered me low blue book for mine and only the advertised GM specials for a new one. I was treated like someone who just walked in off the street.
I'm selling it today!!

I have one question for you...were you braking at the time. Mine had (has) the same problem. I had it towed to two different dealers and both got it to "lock up" but it didn't do it consistantly. I am now driving it cautiously at low speeds. It seems like mine is ok at higher speeds.