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My Steering Wheel Sqeaks


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Sep 11, 2002
Parker, Colorado
For the past couple of months, my steering wheel is squeaking when I make turns. It has become quite annoying, especially in the colder weather when it happens even more. It appears to be rubbing somewhere but I can't see anything. Anyone notice this on their Av?
CO Z71 said:
For the past couple of months, my steering wheel is squeaking when I make turns. ?It has become quite annoying, especially in the colder weather when it happens even more. ?It appears to be rubbing somewhere ?but I can't see anything. ?Anyone notice this on their Av?

Mine does the same when it's cold out but once it warms up I don't get it anymore.
:eek: Mine makes a slight rubbing noise. My brother in-law's av is a month newer and does not do it. up here in iowa i figured it had to do with the cold weather.
it is a bit annoying :8: but hey i try to keep the kick n bose system louder the stupid noise. i hope someday we will find what the problem is. ??? ???
Mine too, when it's cold. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it is low enough that I can ignore it.
mine too... I've taken it to the dealer twice already and both times they said they couldn't simulate the problem.. I've kind of given up on trying to find the source.. just keep the radio turned up loud...
What kinda squeek?

Can you describe it?

Metal on metal...SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH...

Plastic rubbing?

Rubber sticking?

The first Av I test drove had steering that made a lot of squeaking/rubbing noise. So we ditched that one in favor of the Av we eventually bought. Couldn't see driving away with a vehicle that already had a problem with it.
Mine too YGMN, I would describe it as a rubber boot or something such as that rubbing or chattering at high speed on the column when your turning. Usally at low speeds and when cold, or even when warm outside but has been sitting awhile. I can't sem to locate it either ??? I may eat my words but I don't think it appears to be anything serious such as a malfunction. I will continue the hunt til I find it though !!
I have the steering wheel squeak too. I'm going to give it time to break in more though before I have the service department address it.

I also have a groaning moose sound coming out of the steering box, when make right turns at times. Now that I like. I hope it doesn't go away. I've grown quite fond of it. Reminds me of the great outdoors.
I have this rubbing in my AV and I spoke to the Service Mgr. about it. Service Mgr. said it will probably just need to be lubed up. This only appears to be around when it is really cold. Was told that this is common in the Silverados as well. I don't see it as something major.

I had this in my Ford Explorer and they lubricated the steering column and it was gone.

OKay I think I have the answer. I had the exact same problem, it sounded like rubbing in the steering wheel when cold. I talked to my service manager (awesome guy) and he had the techs look into the prob...Turned out to be a misaligned shaft in the steering column. THey had to tear down the steering system into and behind the dash to resolve, took multiple hours but was warranty covered and it is now fine. No problems at all. If you all would like I can dig out the receipt/invoice to see what exact description was given.

Mine does this as well, but only when it is cold out and when I first get the vehicle going. Prior to the AV, I had a 1999 Z-71 pick-up and that vehicle did it as well. I have just "chocked it up" to the leather wheel and temp. issues. No real big deal, just a bit annoying at first.
My wheel squeaked also. It took 2 trips to the dealer to fix it (like everything else). They took wheel off some type of lube and ok now.
Add me to the list.

Don't know whether to add it to my list of problems or not. Only happens when its cold and its really not that bad.

Just hope it does not cause any major problems down the road
Yep,mine too. Just started last week. It has been cold with lots of snow but AV stays in garage when it is home but it still does it,even after the AV is warmed up inside.
OK, my 02 AV just started to make the rubbing/squeeking noise this week. It did not do it last year. I read where the dealer took apart the whole steering column to fix it. I think that may create even more problems. The noise has no impact on performance and goes away after the car warms up. Anybody else fix this before?
I talked to my service manager last week. If this is the same noise that I have (more of a loud rubbing noise, particularly when just starting, say backing out of a parking spot) then it is likely an issue that GM is currently working on. It affects Tahoes and Suburbans, too, as they use the same steering box. According to my SM, GM is not replacing these yet. I'm hanging tight on this for now. There are other thread on this subject, too. Some describe it as a loud "howling" or worse. My NON-MECHANIC opinion is that these descriptions are all pointing to the same steering box issue.

Mine makes a tick over small bumps, too. Kinda feels loose. This is the problem that GM is addressing by greasing the steering shaft as mentioned by someone above. I think there is a TSB for that.
The take apart thing was me. The problem I had sounds he same as yours, once the the truck warmed up, the noise went away, but I had it checked anyway. They said the steering column was misaligned and once they fixed that it has been fine ever since.

Thanks. I had the intermediate steering shaft lubed about 2 months ago because of the "tick" I was feeling while going around long, cloverleaf turns. It fixed that problem. This squeek is more like a minor noise coming from where the steering wheel meets the plastic cowling behind it. Again, as soon as the truck warms up inside it goes away. I could try to go in there and hunt it down...or I could get the dealer to do that too since it is still under warranty.

RichUF--It does it the most when backing out or pulling into parking spaces.
yeah it sounds like a rub right at the dash. We need to watch for info on the because my service manager says he's looked into noise described like this from many owners of Avs/Tahoes/Subs and GM is telling him it's in the steering box, but the noise trasmits up through the shaft and seems to be right at the steering wheel. If it is just plastic rubbing, then maybe your dealer can fix that. Let us know :)