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My Truck Brutally Attacked


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Jan 27, 2002
Northwest Indiana
Ok well maybe not brutally haha

Here is the damage. :( ?Dad backed my moms 2000 blazer into my truck 2000 silverado. ?:(

Here is the damage. :(


Here is the blazers damage (pic didnt come out good sorry). ?Also the tail light and some of the paint under the tail light is messed up


Heres my truck right under the tail light. ?Dont think wax will get that out. ?Also my tail light is messed up (wish i had the tail light guards on)


Heres the rear quarter panel. ?The black plastic part of the bumper is also all scraped and scuffed up but you cant tell. ?I dont care to much about that
Maybe it's just my pc....but your pics never posted...
What NJAV said. No pics
DOnt know why they didnt show up. 1 did show up on my computer but the 1st and last didnt. I made em a hyperlink so you can click and see

I hope insurance pays for the damage. I know my policy doesn't cover damage between cars on the same policy. Is your Dad a lawyer? ;)
I few years ago I backed my 97 Silverado into my wife's 97 Cavalier. She parked the thing at an angle (not kidding either) It was pitch black outside and I just didn't see it. I heard a popping noise and I thought I hit a trash can, but then I realized it wasn't garbage day, opened the window, and I had caved the whole side of the Cavalier in and bent the bumper a little on my truck. I was also trying to squeeze between the garage and by brother-inlaw's Chapperal Boat (I spelled it wrong) I was working on. I had to pay the deductible on both vehicles. I have State Farm. They paid the rest.
nope dad isnt a lawyer.

We have state farm.

Also yesterday i used some Zaino Z-5 and got the one scuff under the tail light almost totally out.

After my fluids lab today i am taking it to he body shop and hopefully it wont be to bad
well its $258 to fix mine ($250 ded so im not putting it on insurance)

Moms is $409 at chevy dealer or $365 where i got my quote at.

Mines going in thursday and ill get it back friday hopefully.
well, thats not too bad. at least she'll be shining again in no time... :)
It looks like you lucked out, Babs. The damage looks minor on both.

However, if you had an Av - $50 for the rear quarter cladding and you replace it yourself. Ready to trade?
nope. Love my truck to much. 24K miles and each one gets better

I have my brother trying to get me to trade mine in on one so when he gets his license in a few months he can go crusing around. NOPE not gonna happen.