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Nav Screen Blank


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Jun 20, 2002
Lansing, Michigan
Anybody experience a blank Nav Screen that shows a screen about every minute or so "Checking Map Cd" "Insert Cd"? Thats the only screen that displays. Looks like it is searching for the CD but I can't get it out to see if it is damaged. The Rear Camera does not work. The CD player, Xm, Am and Fm players work fine but without the display. I've pulled the fuse [41 I believe] to the Audio Section but still does the above. It was working fine and when I attempted to put in a address for Apple Valley, Minnesota, the Add Address option was grayed out [vehicle was in park] and I had a feeling something was about to give me some heartburn. Thanks
They pick it up at 10:30 am and usually have it back in a day or two at 10:30 am or so they say. Leaving for Minnesota and it would be nice to have unit installed and working.
Yeah I have not heard of any kind of problem like that... glad you got it worked out quick!
Well the Nav unit arrived at the dealership today and they installed it and everything worked fine except no Nav Cd. Since my unit failed with the CD in it, the repair facility couldn't withdrawal the cd rom from the unit. They have to ship it to California for repair and to get the cd rom out. So I was told that they would ship it to me when they freed it up. A little discussion with the dealership resulted in them giving me one until the other arrives. Seems to be a common problem with the repair facility...not sending cd roms backup in a timely manner even if they have the cd rom.