need a lil help kinda new..


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Hello I just bought my 2007 Chevy Ava this summer after saving for awhile, and I love that truck but I have ran into a bit of trouble.  I like off-roading/dirt roads after the rains but for some reason I keep getting stuck, or flat tires...  :E:
I have done some research but Im not really all that confident in my decisions for what to do.  Ive tried to get my pic of my truck on here and I cannot figure it out. It is black no lift only thing that has changed on it is previous owner put duel exhaust on it..
I have read on here people putting, I believe its been awhile since I read it, 2.5inch and 1.5inch on and a 2 inch body.. well I liked the look of the truck a lot. I also have no idea what bands for these lifts would be the best while also being a fair price.  Secondly Ive seen where people need to buy Silverado rear bumper brackets to raise the bumper, wasnt sure on a brand there either. And the last thing I had kinda question about were the rim to tire size.. I read several forums trying to figure it out and I was at a loss, but I have picked out some rims and tires, rims are on here: and the tires I picked out were 
If anyone could look at those two websites and just kinda point me in the right direction for sizes id really appreciate it.. Id like to go biggish not so big it looks dumb but not so small it looks dumb just the right size.
Sorry if I seem like a complete moron and these are stupid basic questions that I should know.
Thanks for the help.


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Hi; welcome to Club. A few more post and you will be able to post up some pics of your AV.
if you level out the AV 285's will fir nicely. level and body lift 33's
What dia rim do you plan to run.

As for getting stuck and flat tire.
Are you airing down.
What is your location, you are going after rain is there a lot of Rock and shale to slice the tires or punctures?


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Hey thanks.
I am on the east side of KS so yeah its been rocks doing it is what im guessing, except one time was a 1/2 drill bit that I have no idea why it was out in a mud hole haha.. I do air down some when I go out but I dont know how much is too much and how much is just right, so I only let it out 5-10psi..  Its raining today, I am holding back all urges to go out..  >:D

And you said 285's if I just level it but if I do the level and body do 33's? I just want to make sure I get this right so I dont buy the wrong size.
As for the dia of the rim I honestly do not know what size I should go for, right now I think I have 20's ill go look after class, yep business class is actually me going on this website haha.
But yeah idk what size would look good with 33's, should I just stick with 20's? Bigger? Smaller?
Oh and do you know what brands are good for doing all the lifts?


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You could stick with 20's, it just means more $$$ for tires. The MT Baja ATZ Radial is a great tire. They hold up well in the mud and sand, and last at least 40K. I have a set on my work truck, and it's 3000 lbs heavier than the AVs. So those are good choices. As far as lifts, I don't know much about body lifts, never gave it any thought, I just want 6" to keep it practical, anymore (at least in my area) is way too much lift. Susp lifts wise: Rancho, Fabtech, CST, BDS, ICON (Great Leveling Kits IMO). You just got to find what's right for you and your wallet.



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Thanks a lot about those brands, been checkin em out most all evening.
Ok so I dont really know how wide of tire that I can go on the wheels, they are 20 x 9 and there are like 4 different sizes at the 33 x 11.5-13.5 not exactly sure how wide I can make it..
or does that even really matter all that much??


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Most tire specks give you a rim width that they recommend for specific tires.
To wide of a rim and you stretch the tire : to narrow and the tire bulges.
on the AV to wide of a tire will cause interference up front when turning.

Take your time do your homework: this site is full of good information.

If you plan on serious off roading rule of thumb; Tire Dia = or grater than two times rim Dia.
so I am running 17"rims and have 35" tire; Good  (y)