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Need Advice On Wrangler Rts's


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Mar 3, 2002
Lafayette, LA.
??? Just checking to see if anyone has had any experience with the Goodyear Wrangler RTS tires.
I have the Michelin cross terrain 265/70/17's and love them. They ride great and are very quiet with super wet weather traction and handling
I have been holding out to get one size larger on the next go around, but a good friend just bought a ford super crew 4X4 and he drove it straight off the lot and had some bigger tires on it. Now he wants to sell me the brand new (35 miles) set of wrangler rts's that are the same size i now have for 250.00
Question is would i be a fool for not picking them up at less than half the price of a new set. The michelins i have run 800.00 a set.
Looks or wallet is the question. I usually run about 35,000 a year sometimes more. Need help on this decission ??? I know what would make the wife happier >:D
zeeya,,,,,,,,,,,,any info on those type tires on mileage, noise level, ride would be appreciated
One thing about ford and the tires that are on them. ford has their tires built to a different spec that what other carmakers have them built to that was one of the problems with the firestone ford had the spec lowered to cut costs. I had firestones on my excursion they were crap a friend of mine had the same tires bought out of the store totally different tire and for the better. I would check to see if they are the same exact tire that you can buyin the store. jsut because its the same type doesnt mean it is the same tire when its coming from a ford.
I have never ridden in a vehicle with Rt/s, but looking at the tread they seem to be very highway friendly and comfortable to ride on.....I would never part with my AT/s...rugged enough to brave the elements yet classy enough to wow the kids.... :B:
Stick with the Mich.SUV's much better tire.I have those Goodyears on my AV and they suck.
I cant wait untill I wear these tires out so I can replace them.
I work at Costco in the tire dept. and I've been looking at the Cross Terain and the BFG A/T KO,the Mich.is 209.00 install/bal each,in canadian and the BFG's are 250.00.
Those Goodyears,we had a freak snow dump in May,and I all most wipe out my AV going around a corner in 4 wheel drive going about 20kmph.They had no traction at all,and the AV was only 4mo. at the time.
:love:my :B: AV
The goodyears that come new on our Avs are two ply side wall the replacement tire same everything (size ect) is a 4 ply tire had to replace a tire and store would not sell me one as ours are two ply side wall gm like ford trying to save money cost twenty bucks more :8: :8: