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Need help pls: OC code in temp readout


SM 2007
Full Member
Jun 3, 2002
Atlanta, GA
Can someone tell me what "OC" means when it appears in the temperature readout of the thermometer in my rear view mirror? I have an '02 Z66 with 103,000 miles. Yesterday after sitting in the hot sun, I got in and the temp reading in the rear view mirror thermometer read 107 (summer in the ATL), then a couple of minutes later I looked at it again and it said OC. Still does after sitting all night and after the engine was turned off and restarted sev times during normal driving. The compass still works, but the temp readout says OC (O as in Oscar). The Owner's Manual says consult the dealer if any codes appear and OnStar had no listing for this code.? ???

I searched OC, but didn't come up with anything. You guys have always come through in the past. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
O Chit it hot out here?


Someone should have an answer before to long.
go drive around in circles for a while...

and see what happens
I've done that it the past to reset the compass, but the compass is working. It's just the thermometer.
0C is kinda cold... hehehe for atlanta area
hit is with big hammer?


But do try this..

disconnect battery for 5 mins or so.. then reconnect..
kinda a CTRL-ALT-DEL for the truck's computers
Well, it's fixed. After checking the connection of the plug in the back of the mirror, the thermometer came back, but was reading -37 degrees. After sitting in the garage all night, the next morning the temp readout was normal - 90 degrees.

Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.