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Need help with Kenwood TV Tuner


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Sep 30, 2006
Winterville, NC
So I just got my KTCV300N TV Tuner and I need some help finding a good place to install the antenna.  The antennas themselves are a stick-on film type antenna.  They are about 3" X 12".  The installation instructions call for placing the antennas on either the back glass or the windshield.  Well, as we all know the back glass is out of the question and I really don't feel comfortable with putting them on the windshield.  The controller can fit anywhere inside and the antenna leads are about 15' long so I can pretty much run them anywhere.  Can somebody recommend where I can run them?  Any help is appreciated.
behind the rear seats in the pillars
I put my antennas (the red lines in the pic) under the sail and bridge cladding.


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The Pioneer antennas are a bit different tho  :(


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Mine are running along the front windshield and the wires are ran down the A pillars. ?You can conceal it mostly with the headliner. ?I'll look for a pix and post it


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Here are two more pix of the antenna that I?m running.? The first pix shows the style (I originally had it installed in the back window and found it to be a PIA when taking out the glass) and the second pix shows a little better on how it was ran and the long parts where tucked under the headliner.


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I have mine tucked up under the headliner, Guess I need to move it. I am also opting to move it towards the front window.

Well,  I ended up putting the antennas in my A-pillars.  I'm not real thrilled with the reception.  It's OK, but not like I had hoped.  I wonder if a normal mobile antenna will work better than this film style.  I'd like to try it out just to see if the reception will improve.  Can someone recommend an antenna I could try out?
horn1004 said:
Any opinions on this one?


If you mount them in the same place the reception could still be the same  ???