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Need Help With Your Reviews


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Ladies & Gents I need your help when submitting reviews. I've had to bounce the last three because of a lack of information in the reviews. Couple of guidelines:

  • Please don't use the review form to submit questions. If you have Avalanche questions ask them here. I'm not going to publish reviews that lack any owner feedback but ask questions about care, towing, performance, etc. Likewise because I don't have your name, e-mail address, or any other contact information to respect your privacy, I have no way of contacting you to answer your questions. Finally, although I did design and admin this website, I may not be the best person to answer your questions. :rolleyes:

    For some clarification, it's OK to say in a review, "I like how the lower plastic cladding is practical, but I wonder about how it will hold up long term." ;D

    It's not OK in a reivew to say, "does anyone have an experience with the plastic cladding or how to keep it from fading?" :(

    Remember, folks coming in here are reading reviews for answers, not to be asked the same questions that are already running in their mind. :eek:
  • If you're going to rate something high or low on the number scales explain why. You need to be explaining why you like your likes and why you dislike your dislikes. If you're going to rate quality a "3" then give a reason why. Likewise if you're going to rate looks a "9" explain why. This is what people are looking for.

I don't want to be bouncing reviews - honest - I want to post them all - but you got to help me out and go through the motions and explain why you're rating things they way they are.