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Need Opinion: Odometer Reset


SM 2003
Full Member
Jun 18, 2002
Fairview, TN
I'm looking at getting a silver caddy spedo replacement for my AV. I have had an extremely difficult time trying to find someone who will set the mileage in the new cluster. The one company that I have found is going to charge me $100. That's 1/3 the cost of the cluster! :eek: I just think that's too much. I know that the replacements come with a sticker to indicate the odometer has been replaced.
I need to hear some pro's and con's about using the sticker over getting the odometer reset. Does it really make that much difference when I have to trade or sell?
Need your opinions.
Thanks, EQ
I did the sticker thing, and I have the old cluster too. If I ever sell the Av (ok, keep it down, I said if) I will give the buyer the old cluster too, and invite him to plug it in and check the mileage readout if he finds the door sticker thing fishy. Plus I did the swap early (had about 6,000 miles showing) so if I were to sell it really has not impacted total miles on the clock.

but to be honest there are other members that feel pretty strongly about chasing down an odometer reset guy.
Earthquake, I swapped out my original cluster for a Escalade cluster after about 500 miles. I opted to have the mileage and engine hours tranferred rather than rely on a decal in the door jam. Luckily there is a place in north Dallas Texas where I could drive to and have it done. The cost was only $40 and they verified the calibration of all the gages at the same time. It only took 20 minutes so I just waited for it.

The name of the place is Autocraft Electronics. There phone number is 1-800-336-3998. Maybe you can send them both clusters, have the work done, and have them returned cheaper than the $100 the other place you talk about wants. I don't know. The only problem would be the down time to get it done. Just a thought. :B: