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Need Pictures For Club Calendar Part II


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I have tremendous great news. Today we got our sweeping Grant of Permission from General Motors for the use of Avalanche images and the use of our club logo. This is a much broader agreement with Brand Management and Legal than we had in January of 2002 when a lot of these ideas were just a twinkle in our eyes.

What EXACTLY does this mean. It means the loophole calendar we were going to make is no longer required! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D In the LOI I sent to General Motors I specifically covered our desire to make a calendar using images of modified and unmodified Avalanches.

So here are the NEW requirements.

1) We need very high resolution images of high quality. This includes background, lighting, focus, and sharpness of the image. It should be free of reflections of other vehicles. There should not be extremely bright areas due to sun reflection and other areas that are dark.

2) Nice scenic backgrounds. No one is going to want to look at your driveway for a month (sorry) or the parking lot of the A & P. Nature scenes, outdoor scenes get special consideration. The background should be as interesting as the Avalanche.

3) As spelled out in our agreement the Avalanche needs to look reasonably nice. If you're submitting an off-roading picture a dirty Avalanche is fine. However a dirty Avalanche sitting on a road by a forested stream isn't going to cut it.

4) Must be free of OTHER copyright issues. Sadly if you've put raised white letter BFG tires on your Avalanche or say a Fox Racing sticker you're Avalanche can't be considered. One could argue that we're violating their copyrights. Any large logos from any non-GM brands or non-OEM brands (so raised white letters on the OEM Goodyears or Firestones is OK but not others) is out.

5) We need four seasons shots.

Now, if your picture was in the running for the first batch of asks - YOU'RE STILL IN THE RUNNING! We had some GREAT images submitted that are going to be used. If we get enough images they're is nothing to stop us from doing multiple calendars. e.g. a four seasons calendar, an all off-road calendar, an all 1500 2WD calendar, an all 1500 4WD calendar, an all 2500 calendar, etc. etc. etc.

Finally we need the images stat. Because we're into March the value of a 2003 calendar is plunging and I want to be able to put this up in market by mid-March at the LATEST.

So - let's see those pictures! BTW - when you put them up here for people to see - it's OK to submit smaller images (and it's preffered) than the full size print ready image. We'll ask you for the fullsize when we're ready to go to print.

Want to see the other pictures...

Original 2003 Club Calendar Thread
here are two with senic backgrounds.... i have 1600 x 1200, these are just scaled down low res ones.

i think i submited these in the old link, but when updateing my site i broke the link to these. so sorry if a repeat. i cant remember


Sadly, many of my best pics do indeed showcase my BFG tires. Here is one that may be worthy of consideration however...

Here is one that is prity good
I had just washed it and it was too clean >:D


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Here is one that is kind of cool I just took it is of my Windshield logo


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OK Spectron, that's enough ;) I wish we had scenery like that in my area :cautious: :rolleyes: Awesome pics (y)
Pic #7 ....

(SNO SLYD: I used to live in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls so I know there are a lot of scenic places in NE OHIO !--Do you know where Timber Top Apartments are in Portage Trail Road?)



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Alright spectron, you're making me drool over AZ ;D. Those are wonderful shots. Now you need a pic of the Av with cacti and palm trees in the background ;).

We expect to try out just how hot Phoenix summers are down there in late June or so. I can't wait.
These are GREAT shots. Keep them coming!
Great pics spectron65! ?AZ has some fantastic backdrops :)

If you're interested, chime in on the AZ chapter discussion in the regional section!
Chief said:
IIf we get enough images they're is nothing to stop us from doing multiple calendars. e.g. a four seasons calendar, an all off-road calendar, an all 1500 2WD calendar, an all 1500 4WD calendar, an all 2500 calendar, etc. etc. etc.
Well, I see we have enough for the spectron65 calendar...

Looks like the same people putting in their pics for the calendar are also the ones that sent me shots for the magazine.

Thanks for sending them to me. We are getting the final touches on it now.

I told the Chief we are going to increase the Reader Rides section for sure in the next issue.

Erick Ames
Avalanche Zone
OK, I took some more pics today, this time with MUCH more snow in the pics. Let me tell yah, the Av did GREAT today as the Colorado high country got pounded with snow (which is a good thing with this drought and the Av never flinched :)). By the time we left, the snow was about a foot deep on the backroads. The roads were icy, snowpacked and untreated up there and back (130 miles round trip). I can't say enough good things about this truck.

See the pics I took today which I also feel are some of my best candidates for the calendar yet.

Pic 1 in the woods - check out the full time DRL mod :D.

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Here's one of my favorite shots of my Av...taken by Luv2boat (Thanks Erick!).


This one is from our October "Color tour" GTG in Grayling MI. (hi-res avail)

Mike :B: