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Need some feed back on possible camping trip!!


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Feb 19, 2007
I was talking to Maxx6 AV on AIm yesterday about the place i went 4wheeling and camping last weekend.? We were toying with the idea of going there for a GTG camping and 4 wheeling trip(4wheeling optional).? I am going to try and make it to the next GTG and we can throw around some ideas there about it.? Give Brad and i some feedback on this idea!!? The name of the place is called Greenridge.? Its about 25 miles west of washington county.? The place is massive and its a state park you can drink at.? I think it would be one hell of a time.
I could be talked into a camping trip there with our horses. We always enjoy camping with our horses.

I just talked with one of the park rangers about horseback riding there. She said that horseback riding is not allowed on the hiking trails in the park, but there are many trails available in the close proximity of the park. I have been horseback riding along the C&O Canal in this area before also. She also said that horse camping is allowed at the park and that there is a designated area for horse camping. She said that the designated horse camping area was a large field that had a fire ring and a few picnic tables.

I just ordered a park map on-line to see what is available in the park.

> Here <is a link to the Greenridge State Park website for anyone that what more information on what is available at the park and where it is. The park is located in Western Maryland close to West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
The only thing I don't like about this thread is you're giving away MY hiding space. :)

As I said before.. I'm extremely familiar with this place.  So, of course I'll go.. and I'd be able to help with information, organization, etc.

jshinham, you've got a PM.
You cant keep something like that place a secret forever.  Yeah man the help would be appreciated and the more people that go the better.  I think a camp site rght alog the ORV trail would be best.  You meet alot of people that way.  At the next GTG i will have to fill you in on some stories from the past weekends camping trip.