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NEW 20" RIMS!!


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Aug 18, 2005
cleveland ohio
Spring time is right around the corner and its time to start pollishing up the AV! Just put my new rims on! I've seen some sweet looking rims on this site and I thought I would share some pics of mine, tell me what you guys think! Lets see some more pics of some rims :cheers:


  • chevy 001 (Medium).jpg
    chevy 001 (Medium).jpg
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  • chevy 002 (Medium).jpg
    chevy 002 (Medium).jpg
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They look even better posted in the right section :)
nice rims  (y)
Nice 20's!!!  May I ask how much you paid for them?  What tires are you using?  Lookin' Good! :cool:
Looks good..  Now I wnat to get some for mine again..  Anyone have any extra $$ laying around
I got these rims from a local custom shop in cleveland. They are from Players Wheel Group. I have 275/65R20 Goodyear Wranglers. I belive that they make them up to 24" Thanks for the feedback guys!! :B: