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New Arrival Blue VS Indigo Blue


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Sep 23, 2002
Pensacola, Florida
This is not intended on starting a war! OK that said, I just passed by the Chevy dealer today and saw my first Arrival Blue. WOW! :eek:I'm glad I had my shades on!! :cool:Now I have to admit, I wish I had the darker cladding with my Indigo blue, but that paint! If the Arrival Blue Avalanche would've been in the North Pole so many years ago, Santa would've asked it to guide his sleigh that night!! Makes me appreciate my Indigo blue with the lighter cladding all the more! What do y'all think? :B:
It really is a matter of taste. Myself, I've always liked BLUE :eek: cars.
I'm trading in my very BLUE 96 Dodge Ram for the 2003 Arrival
BLUE partly because they came out with a Blue that more suited
my tastes and was pretty close to the old Dodge. The Indigo is
very nice but somewhat understated. Plus the dark cladding really
offsets it very well too.

Happy Trails!
The brighter blue with the dark cladding is definitely a standout combo. I almost wonder if the darker cladding is why they changed blues. I can't see the arrival blue with the lighter cladding or vice versa. I can't say I like one better than the other though, but I do know I'm still happy with my indigo blue. Though the new name is cool...almost makes it sound like some sort of UFO...adds to the mystique of the Avalanche ;D
I, myself am a big fan of the Indigo Blue. We had it on our 95 Suburban and it wasn't available on our 2000 Suburban LT. So when we got the AV, there was never any question for us, but to each his own...

That is why Baskin-Robbins has thirty-onedurful flavors!
I own an Indigo blue AV and I love the color. I have seen the new arrival blue at the dealer. I parked my AV next to an AV with the new arrival blue. WOW what a difference. It is just my personal fealings but I like my Indigo blue better, not just because I own one but that arrival blue is really bright. The darker cladding makes that blue even brighter.

Just my .02
Indigo Blue still has the upper hand. You guys driving that truck really have nothing to worry about. The new blue still needs to grow on me.