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New Avalanche Owner


SM 2003
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Aug 30, 2002
McPherson Kansas
WOW, just bought a Avalanche Last Thursday. Z66 with Bucket Seats and Side assist steps. This is one awsome truck. Put 400 miles on it this weekend. Just one nice truck.
Good to see another Kansas boy on this site. I beleive we have 3 Z66 owners in Kansas on this site now. Enjoy the ride!!
Congratulations Kegger!!!

Any ideas on some initial modding? >:D
Congratulations....Proud to see another Kansan driving an AV! Drive it nice and slow around your hometown and watch the reaction. ...You have a beautiful community to enjoy your new AV. I was concerned about driving in snow with the 66 but everyone I've heard from says not to worry.
Welcome to the Club. You will now feal a need to start modding.
Congratulations on the new truck and welcome to the club, Kegger! BTW, that feeling you have doesn't go away any time soon! ;D
Congrats....I got mine a couple weeks ago after about a year of waiting. It was worth it though. This is one smooth truck to drive. First time on the interstate and I was doing 90 without even knowing it. Gave the truck some gas and looked at speedo a little later and it was registering 90. Couldnt believe it was that smooth. My wife did the exact same thing. It is hard to stay under the speed limit it rides so nice.
zimmsAV said:
Congratulations Kegger!!!

Any ideas on some initial modding? >:D

Yep, Here are some of the things I want to do.
1. Get rid or hide the chrome piece of the grill. I want to black it out.
2. A rear view Video system that shows me a full view of what is behind me.
3. Video system for my Daughter. so she can watch BARNEY (those long trips to Branson)
4. Reprogram to get rid of that stupid 95 MPH speed limiter.
5. Nice looking light bar on top. Need to find one I like that does 360 degrees and looks cool.
6. Amsoil throughout.
7. Maybe, Grill Guard.
8. Wireless Broadband Access with Laptop Computer.
Welcome, kegger. As Leather mentioned the amber DRLs are helpful so fellow members can spot you. You can also pickup a club sticker (y)
Also get rid of the restrictive air filter and exhaust and throw something on there for high flow.....it will wake up the Av.... :B:
I had to announce (to someone who understand!) how proud I am to own a new AV, 2002, Indigo Blue 4x4. Got it last week - just in time to take the kids on the end-of-summer campout. (Made my first mod to the tailpipe on a rock on the trail!)

What a great truck. Smooth ride (too smooth? - got into a turn way too fast and swung wide!) Handles 3 booster seats in the back and all the camping gear. In spite of its capabilitites, my wife feels comfortable driving it (if she can pry my hands loose!)

Thanks to all the stuff I learned on this website I got a good price and felt real comfortable with the purchase. The care tips are great too.
Welcome to the board geopyg - enjoy it - nothing like a high speed turn to get the old adrenaline pumping ;D
Congelado, i have been involved with this sight for a couple of months now and i never knew that the amber drl's were for club member reconition. thanx, i'm going to get some this morning. ;D
02-Z66 said:
Congelado, i have been involved with this sight for a couple of months now and i never knew that the amber drl's were for club member reconition. ?thanx, i'm going to get some this morning. ;D

Bought my bulbs last night after seeing another Av in the Katy area with them. My first thought was that there goes a club member and then realizing that he wouldn't think the same.
Welcome to the club! ;D
Kegger, you are going to have one high tec machine!
Sounds like you may need the second battery mod, too!

Both of you, congrads on your new toy! (y)
Congrats, Welcome.... I know you'll enjoy spending your hard earned money on the many mods that are coming. If you find yourself without a mod ides someone her on the forum will certainly be very happy you spend your money. ;D
Hey Bruno - I got my drls done maybe it was me you saw. I will be looking out for you now, orded my stripeman kit today - red lettering to match my Z-66 stickers. Have plans for a billet grille and a avalnche hitch cover from chevymall.com. I hope the color of the stickers looks good on my Pewter the stickers are in the fade to black from red option. What do you think (i know it is hard to visualize)? Thoughts from anyone else?
Well, I finally got through the break-in and took it to salina today with my wife and daughter. As the trip started we headed out of town and I noticed a cop sitting in one of there usual speed trap area's. I looked at my speedo and tapped the breaks. I was doing about 60 in a 35 (oops) Never the less, I just drove by him :) hopeing it was one of my buddies >:D Nothing happend. (now tommorow he'll come in my store and tell me he radared me at around 6o something). Later on I was on the interstate and wanted to see how fast it would get up to 100. lol it hit 97 and stayed. I am ready to order the superchip mod to get rid of that stupid thing. We were cruzin about 85 and it seemed we were barely moving. I love my Av.

But, I am wondering, as my last speeding ticket is ready to move off my records, that I will get a few more with this. This is so much nicer than my vette. And I love that car too.

kegger you sre now part of the family. i f you navigate this web siteeverybody has a years head start on you for mods. chiefs club( this club) web site has so many things, the rear view camera, the drls in amber and its all because the av is so versatile... hey man why dont you put the exhaust right out the side of the cladding like I did.... as I hang out here in av land I ....THINK..... that one mod is the only one nobody else but got change poped on his av..... you gonna like that truck and glad to be here wiyh you.....av and mods by got change... ps amber bulbs at any auto supply, I never could find the 4 series bulbs so just pull a bulb, go in and match it up with amber, and flip your filaments!!!!!!