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New Avalanche

Welcome to the FAN CLUB!!!!!

I suggest you start reading as there are many mods to do to your AVY....

WE ALL LOVE IT :love: :B:

Have fun and don't forget to tell us what your name stands for in that particular thread in the bar and grill!
Welcome to the Club!

I am having fun with mine. ;D

No real problems so far.


ygmn - i was wondering when you were going to start using that Avatar!
Congrats! Got mine 2 weeks ago and I love it! no problems except minor leak between #3 and #2 panels, read how to adjust, just haven't had time yet.

Welcome to the club! :D
Welcome to the club.....believe me you won't have any regrets.... :B:
Congrats Duck!

Had Mine for about 1.5 months and only problem is.....

It never met a gas station it didn't like. :cautious:

Other than that BEST Vehicle i ever owned (y)
Congratulations on a great vehicle. Three glorious weeks with mine and enjoying every mile . . .

My neighbors still walk over to talk about the truck (wheels say truck, not suv or uuv). Tonight as I was walking out of the driveway, one neighbor walked over (paint brush in hand) to say how much he liked the look of the truck. They NEVER did that with my Malibu.

Enjoy the ride. (y)
Excellent purchase ?(y).

Now, if you're married don't EVER let your wife drive it!

I've had my AV since Saturday and she's driven it full 2 days! ?I WANT MY TRUCK BACK!

Congrats Duck...

You are now part of the best most unique clue in NA...I love mine more every day....esp since joining CAFCNA.
tow weeks, only problems with the dealer, if they were half as good as this vehicle... well, that just a pipe dream. Snowlep said it best, Owning one is great, being a part of this group makes it awesome.
Yup, this is a great forum. Married and she has her own truck. If I get kicked out of the house I'll have somewhere to sleep. Love the versatility of the fold down rear seats.....Cool..... :love: