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New Buyers $1000 Rebate Built Before 12/18/01


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May 4, 2002
NE Ohio
I wanted to let any possible new AV buyers be aware that there is a $1000 rebate off the purchase price (if it was built before 12/18/01) :eek: Dealers don't have to disclose this, along with the $2002 cash back and an additional $500 for dealer cash.
First do all your haggling, then ask them about this. I got one heck of a deal. I talked them down $4000 off list then got all the rebates . :B:
Indigo Blue Z71 built on 5/01 purchased on 3/30/02
Good luck to all new buyers (y)
Midlife . . . .

Enjoy your Av !!! There will always, I repeat always, be someone, somewhere that got a better deal - and yes, in retrospect, I too could have gotten a better deal. I know - easier said than done - but forget it - you've got your Av, ENJOY IT! As they say . . . life's too short!
Well I went ahead and checked my VIN and found my build date and contacted GM to find out what is up. They told HUH... we dunno about such thang... then I got a hold of a dealer who got a hold of another dealer who told him we where missing a bolt or two... then we checked with some authorities -- EDMUNDS for example and found a glimpse of something mentioning such deal. It turns out that it ended in mid April and applies to certain geographical regions (no specifics here) only. This rebate changes from area to area also and from dealer to dealer depending on how many vehicles they purchased. I would suggest to those who have purchased an AV built on or before 12/15/2001 to check with their dealer to find out from their buyers if the deal applies... chances are you will not get anywhere but... you won't know untill you try... ;D

Whatever the case, I would not sweat it too much since as stated on a previous post. There is always some sort of deal going on no matter how good you think you did. Happy AVing everyone.... ;)
Wow, I took it up the tail pipe. Full price. no cash back. no refund. even rememberd the 1-Grand exploding gas tank rebate way to late. Service dept, very friendly though. Luv it allot. Thank god my last truck was paid off wile worth somthing.
I think the dealer was suppose to ask you if you were entitled to the 1- grand for the exploding gas tank. They asked me. Does anyone know if this is true? ???
WOW, Blue!

My salesman is always calling me and asking how I like my AV. I think I now have a way of getting him to NEVER, EVER call me again! ;D

Wait until I lay this rebate thing on him! He's gonna :D:

Mine was built 8/01 even though it wasn't until 3/02 that they found it a home... I think I'm entitled to another $1K rebate... LMAO! At least that salesman will never bother me to buy anything again!