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New CubbyCam Install Today


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Aug 1, 2002
Madera, ?Ca.
I have an old snakeyes unit in my 02 Av but wanted something a little more factory looking in my Duramax. Lurking around on this board I found that "Teksavy" is in the business of selling and installing his CubbyCam system. What a pleasure to work with. After a few e-mails and phone calls we decided to get together at his house for an install. The biggest issue with the GM 2500 is the hitch has a steel plate (FOR EXTRA SUPPORT) right where the camera leads need to go. As far as I know Teksavy is the only vender out there that has the fix for this. He very carefully did his thing and I tell you it came out perfect. The interior look is just like it came from any GM showroom, angled perfectly for the driver. Ed also installed a bypass switch so the truck doesn't have to be in reverse to use.? We had a great visit and I came home with the most professional look I could ask for . When it comes to this sort of equipment, ED is for sure, very "TEKSAVY" I couldn't be happier....

Just look into the U-Shaped piece of steel above the receiver portion. If it is solid there, you have the same. If it is wide open, it is like the 1500s...

maverick1974 said:
There is a round cross tube that runs through there, Back a couple of inches from the beginning of the U.

Then you have the same as the 1500's I believe.

Thanks for the kind words Tractman! You know you are having a good time when an install is supposed to take 2 hours ends up being 4 hours because of all the chattin' going on.

That is what I love about this club- great people like Tractman. Hope to see you at the SF GTG that RoarinRow is puttin' on.

In regards to the pictures about the hitch, here is the 2500 unit with the reinforcing plate that was mentioned above: (Taken from Tractman's truck.)


Also, for people who think that the hitch cam doesn't have a wide angle of view compared to the tailgate cam, check out the view on the CUBBYCAM:


Now, add a huge hitch to the receiver:


Wow.. doesn't look like the camera will see much beyond that huge thing huh? Check it out!:


Still see a lot around you.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Definitly on my Mod wish list, looks like a clear picture as well. I have heard nothing but good about his Mod for sure.  :cool:
Mamamia said:
Definitly on my Mod wish list, looks like a clear picture as well. I have heard nothing but good about his Mod for sure. :cool:

Get 'er done Mamamia! Simply the best product on the market! (and a good guy!)
Great post!!  Now I really need to  get one!
Yea i need to pull the trigger on one of these to.  My son is learning to drive and he does not like backing the AV up.  He keeps asking for the camera  ;D