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New Here, And A Question


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Feb 24, 2002
Columbus Ohio
Hi, I am new here. I haven't purchased my Avalanche yet, but will be doing so sometime before August.

At first, I had no desire to buy an Avalanche. My wife and I were looking for something to replace our '97 mountaineer. After looking around, and not finding anything we liked, we finally stoped in to look at the avalanche. Well, we fell in love with it, and decided to get one, just from that one test drive.

Since then, we have done the whole looking them up on the internet, finding groups like this one etc...

Anyway, my question is this. In my wanderings around the 'net, I came across pictures of an avalanche similar to the U.A.V. except the plastic body cladding was painted in almost the exact opposite scheme. The truck was red, with just the lower pieces of the body cladding painted. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know where i can find pictures of that? I would like to show my wife.

Hey Spork, We'll get into the name later... Is this the truck that you are reffering to ? If so, go here http://www.offwest.com

No, that isn't it. It is similar, but where they left the plastic grey, the other one was painted, and where they painted, the other was left grey. almost exactly opposite.
There is a pic of a blue one on here. They painted the lower cladding to match the truck but the upper sail area was left gray. It is down a few threads in this section.
as for the name Spork... a spork is a combination spoon/fork for some reason the forum board keeps changing it to sthingy, so for now I have to spell it this way sp00n.

I thought it was appropriate for a suv/truck.
oh yes, and don't mistake sporks for foons... foons are inverted sporks sp00n/fork vs. fork/sp00n