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New Hottness -part deuce, was old & busted


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Apr 20, 2002
Wasilla, Alaska
first a breif history



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And now? >:D


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I'm not quite done yet but soon I be flying down for nationals!!!! ya HOOOOOOOO

top is metallic royal blue that color shifts from a med blue to purple peril!

A copper peril stripe separates the blue from a Polar white with white and silver peril in it.

the cladding color is Titanium grey.

I have a month into it and I have yet to do the jambs and have the pin striping done. I hope you like. In the sunlight this thing stops traffic!
all stages look great.  the latest is a real eye catcher.  What's amazing is that not only do you have one of the nicest Avs on the site, but you also use it for a work truck. :love:
Thanks all!

I dont know about the word, Brave.  I think it's more like finishing some crazy idea...lol
if I would have realy thought about it , I wouldn't have done it.... lol
Very nice picture story Jon, I wish that you could drive her down for the Nationals!

                          Is the front winch bumper home made or store bought, very nice
                                                                  :eek: :eek:
Ya the bumper is homemade. I only had 2 hours to figure how to get that winch on my truck. It mounts in 2 recivers in the towhook holes and can be removed by 2 people in 10 seconds.... er, with the key, hehe
:love:  the sun came out!!!! snaped pic's of the colors


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