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New Leak - Watch Out


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Jan 20, 2002
After hauling more bags of mulch than my back can stand I noticed a new source of a water leak. There is a "gutter" on each side of the bed running fore and aft. It's like an "L" channel of black plastic. Mine split for about a foot. Whether I snagged it loading the mulch, or it was just bad (I know what I'm telling the dealer) it was there none the less. Part is on order from Meheco.

Watch out for the gutters when using the bed as a truck.
Mine split on the Port (drivers) side as well. I also was a bad boy and used the bed to haul stuff.

The plastic channel is way to thin.

Same here..had a load of stuff strapped in and when I unloaded i noticed driver side was split.
I will have to look out for this one. If someone has a pic please post it.
both sides of mine split, only a few inches though, over the winter while hauling some furniture. duct tape came to the rescue and has been in place since.
Are we talking about the rubber drip rails along top of bed on each side? If so, my left one is split about 2 feet in the middle where the flat meets the curve.
Yes bfron that is it. Still no word from dealer yet, will have to call him next week. I thought about duct tape and RTV, but that's what I will do if it happens out of warranty.